Listy #49- Podcasts

I told you guys about my little podcast problem on Tuesday.  I have a lot of podcasts to listen to.  I have a lot of podcasts to listen to.  I meant to repeat myself, there.  To emphasize my point.  I follow a lot of podcasts but I have some that I have NEVER listened to.  Why?  Because I have a way of doing things.  I have a way of doing everything.  I start at one end of my podcasts, and work my way to the other, completely catching up on one before I move on to the next.  So here I present a list of podcasts I subscribe to.

(Did I tell you guys that I am planning on plowing through my Ramona books and then slamming down my podcasts until I get back from maternity leave?  I finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gillbert today and put in my next Ramona.  I have 5 audiobooks to get through and they are all about 2 hours long so it shouldn’t take me too long at all.)

Podcasts I Subscribe To

  1. The Writer’s Almenac
  2. NPR Books
  3. Philosophize This!
  4. Freakenomics
  5. Welcome to Nightvale
  6. Alice Isn’t Dead
  7. Book Riot
  8. The New Yorker: Fiction
  9. The Readers
  10. The Moth
  11. Adventures with Words
  12. Serial
  13. The Splendid Table
  14. All the Books!
  15. Literary Disco
  16. Fat Feminst Witch
  17. Get Booked
  18. 99% Invisible
  19. Eliza Starting at 16
  20. Zestology
  21. Lore
  22. The Allusionist
  23. The Mortified Podcast
  24. The Thrilling Adventure Hour
  25. On Being with Krista Tippett
  26. The Baby-Sitters Club Club
  27. In the Dark
  28. The Archers
  29. Biblioclast Podcast
  30. Book Club for Masochists
  31. BookD Podcast
  32. Book Fight
  33. The Librarian is In
  34. The Penguin Podcast
  35. Reading Envy
  36. Reading Women
  37. What Should I Read Next?
  38. Bookworm
  39. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
  40. My Favorite Murder
  41. Presidential

See what I mean?  I have a Problem.  Of these podcasts, I have listened to at least one episode of the first 20.  The others I have subscribed to, downloaded, and planned on getting to eventually.  Most of them I’ve only downloaded episodes that have come out since I subscribed but some I have the whole run of.  When I try something and like it, I go back and download every episode I can and binge.

Because I have a problem, you guys.  lol


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