Listy #52- The Last List

Here is a list of lists I made in the past year.

List List!

  1. Movies
  2. Songs
  4. Interwebs
  5. Books
  6. Firsts
  7. 10 Things About My Birthday
  8. Food
  9. I want…
  10. A to Z
  11. Childhood and Current Dream Jobs
  12. Things That Feel Like Home
  13. Essentials
  14. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
  15. Places I Want to Go
  16. Things that Make Me Happy
  17. Comforts
  18. Words
  19. Clothes
  20. Currently
  21. To Do List
  22. The Joy List
  23. Songs Stuck in My Head
  24. Podcasts
  25. Double Trouble
  26. Shit Needs to Get Done
  27. Games
  28. TBR
  29. Home Essentials
  30. Television
  31. Awesome Things
  32. Things that Always Make Me Happy
  33. Halloween is Grinch Night
  34. CD’s in My Car
  35. Every Cat I’ve Ever Owned
  36. Thankful
  37. Winter Things
  38. Jobs I’ve Had
  39. Abundance
  40. Books Bought This Year
  41. Best Books Read 2016
  42. Why I’m Tired
  43. Things I Want for Maternity Leave
  44. Things I’ve Been Thinking About Reading
  45. A-Z Great Words
  46. Books I’ve Almost Bought Today
  47. Podcasts
  48. Ways to Feel Better
  49. To Dos
  50. List List!

So, you guys… I apparently skipped a couple of numbers back there.  And I DO NOT CARE.  I’m over it!  I’m calling this a success!  No more weekly lists!

I’m kind of out of lists to make! lol.


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