Tally Monday- May 8, 2017

Checked Out



  1. The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
  2. Atlantis by David Gibbons
  3. Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells


  1. “Prairie Fire, 1899” by Mike Alberti

TBR 14

The first time I read The Stand was the first summer that I was dating Hubby.  I chose to read the original release, not the uncut and extended version, because at the time I felt that if it had been good enough to be published in the shorter format that it was good enough for me.  The whole project seemed intimidating.  It was probably the King book that I was least looking forward to reading.  Post apocalyptic has never been my thing and the sheer size of it seemed like too much.

And in the end it did take me a long time to finish but I liked it and it left an impression on me.

That was my first summer of baseball.  I knew absolutely nothing about the game.  I had never watched a game in my life.  But my shiny new boyfriend was a baseball fan and the Tigers were killing it that summer.  There was a lot of excitement around the team and Hubby was sure that they were bound to win the World Series because the last year they won was 1984, the year we were born.  It just seemed like the kind of thing that went hand in hand: We were born and the Tigers won so when we got together they would obviously win.  Obviously, because the universe revolves around us.  Duh.

That summer I would get out of work and drive over to Hubby’s apartment.  If we could get some disc golfing in before the game we would and then we’d usually grab some dinner and head home.  But really the whole summer was planned around baseball games and we spent a ton of time sitting on his couch, watching baseball.  Well, he watched baseball and I read The Stand.  For almost a month I read while he watched, sometimes plowing through chapter after chapter and sometimes laying my head back and falling asleep.

My paperback mostly disintegrated by the time I was done.  I hear that happens a lot with this one.

Today the sun is out and I curled up on my couch with my Kindle and thought, “The only thing that’s missing is a baseball game.”

Happy reading!


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