Tally Monday- Wicked Wednesday Edition!

Checked Out






TBR  Wait… I still have one of those?

I promised that I wouldn’t fill the internet with my mothering stories, especially a certain kind, but I feel an explanation is in order here.  I’ll start with this preface.  I had a busy weekend with a visit from friends, a great bachelorette party, and a nice Mother’s Day cook out.  It was loads of fun.  I ignored my to do list and barely read.  Monday, I was prepared to dive back in and really get some stuff done.

This did not happen.

What happened was this:  Saturday night’s party was across the state and Hubby had a concert right around the corner from the hotel that was serving as main base so we opted to go home for the night.  (I regret nothing!  MOL kept the baby overnight and I slept in my bed until I woke up on my own!  Well, except for a surprise trip to town.)  When I got home, a bit cranky and with engorged boobs, I discovered that this idiot left her power cord for her pump across the state.  I did what I could to get through the night then got up in four hours and drove to town to buy a manual pump because that shit hurts.  It hurts.  Luckily, Bestie grabbed the cord for me and was going to be in town and could drop it off Sunday night.  Except that she forgot it in her other car because we’re obviously best friends for a reason.

Monday morning I got up, fed the baby, did what needed to be done to be comfortable, and then loaded us up in the car to meet Bestie and exchange the cord.  It was great to see her and hear about all of the stuff that happened after I left the party and to commiserate about momhood.  (She’s fostering and had her nephews and it was chaos for a few days.)  Then I got in the car and took a couple of back roads home.  The baby didn’t make a peep.  He was sleeping when we got home and I thought that I might get a good pump in before I needed to move him.  I sat the car seat down, made up my corner on the couch, and was about to turn the pump on when he started crying.  So, I went to get him out…

He pooped through a diaper.  Needless to say, dear reader, it was not pretty.  This was our first Poop Incident and while I hate it when other people talk about baby poop on social media, I can’t help but share this one story with you.  I laughed through it because it’s kind of fucking hilarious even if it is gross.  LM pooped through the diaper and onto his hand.  LM is a thumb sucker.  So, when I pulled him out I said, “That’s a strange color for spit up.”  Nope.  Not spit up.  There was poop all in the car seat and all over his hand and face and, by the simple act of picking him up, all over me.  And so it was suddenly bath day for everybody involved and the day I learned how to clean the car seat.

Needless to say, it threw me off my game for the day and by the time everyone was cleaned and fed and comfortable again, most of the day was gone and I needed a nap.  It is what it is.  That’s no excuse for not writing yesterday but whatever.  It should cover two days.

Tally Monday didn’t seem too important this week.  I didn’t buy anything and I didn’t finish reading anything.  I just worked steadily at The Stand.  King is my favorite author but he is a slow read for me.  Today I met a character who was cut completely from the original release.  I’ve spent a disturbing amount of time trying to think of ways to experience a Tigers game this week because of my little reading association.  Then today there were a lot of hamburgers in the book and now I want one of those.

I made time to write this afternoon.  I promised myself that I would and that I would also stop working on stuff at 5 so that I could just read for a bit.  I can’t keep all of my promises to myself.

Every week I think that I can finish this book by the following week and every week I am wrong.  It’s not going to happen, dear readers, but I promise that I will write on time on Monday.  After all, it’s my first day back to work.  Why wouldn’t I have time.  (Oh God.  How will I ever have time for anything again??)


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