Podcast Tuesday- Edition the First

Podcasts Downloaded: 1123

“Wait… What?” you say.  “Don’t you already have a Monday thing that you do?”

Yeah, I do but since I recently axed my Thursday project and another whole blog about my personal life, I’ve decided that it is time to talk about my other Project Major: my ongoing battle of the podcast buldge.

See, for many years I was working in an itty bitty library that was almost out of the county.  The village it was in came in at just under 450 residents in the last census and it was nestled in a kind of valley somehow.  Really!  It was described to me by a number of people as “being in the valley and too low to get a good internet signal” even though I drove UP a hill to get there and it appeared to have flat farm fields on all sides.  But valley, sure.  I’m sure that’s how internet works too.  (I don’t know.  I like to think that fairies live in my router.)

Anyway, it was such a small library in such a small village and with such a small sign that I spent a lot of time alone there.  No problem for me.  I love being alone.  (See: Maternity Leaver Hermitage.)  I would get to that branch and spend at least a couple of hours each night listening to podcasts and since I’m a little crazy about not going over my data limits, I would download all of my podcasts while I was at home even though the library obviously had wifi.  It saved my bored ass a number of times when the internet was down, which was also the number one way to make sure that I had NO patrons.

Recently, Hubby pointed out to me that it’s kind of stupid to download all of these podcasts when I can, you know, just listen to them on our data.  But I can’t.  I just can’t.  We probably won’t go over now that we have so much more but I can’t take that chance.  And, thus, I am playing catch up because they are taking up 38 gigs on my phone.  If you’re interested in a list of Podcasts I subscribe to (even though I haven’t even sampled most of them), you can check out this post.  I’ve only added a couple since then.

Over the next however long until I get bored, I will be talking to you about my podcast listening life, what I’m loving and what I’m not loving and what you OMG NEED to listen to.

That’s it for today, just a lay of the land, but if you’re looking for something to suck away your time, my suggestion for this week is In the Dark, a true crime podcast covering the story of an 11 year old boy who went missing in 1989.  Looking for something lighter?  Check out 99% Invisible, the endlessly fascinating podcast about design that I didn’t realize was about design until I was about 20 episodes deep.


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