Tally Monday- June 5, 2017

Checked Out





The Stand by Stephen King


Welcome to my bold, new reading life, kiddies!  Right now my TBR consists of the book that I have been keeping since I was 16 and a couple of random piles on my desk at home.  When I say that I do not have a TBR list, I guess that I am oversimplifying things.  What I mean is that I do not have the kind of stack and Goodreads list that keeps me frantically trying to catch up.  No, the plan now is to read intuitively.  Stephen King, two books I own, young adult.  I finished The Stand last night and went back to my office to pick my next read.  I chose a slim volume that I recently purchased, something that it a complete change from the last two doorstoppers I’ve read, a book that I intend to write in and to really think about but that also won’t take me a month and a half to read.

It’s both freeing and maddening.  When I started thinking that I would finish The Stand before today, I knew what book I wanted to read next and I have an idea of what I would like to read after that too.  I told myself to stop.  The point of this is to maybe only know what my next book is going to be, not 20 books ahead.  On Friday I caught myself also walking along the shelves at work, deciding what YA book I wanted to dive into, whether it should be something I’ve been really wanting to read (Dumplin‘?  The Selection?  Rainbow Rowell?) or something off the new shelf so I can suggest those to people.  Take a deep breath, Smy!  Wait until it’s time and grab what feels right.

I expect that Tally Monday is going to start looking a bit more normal now.  While I am trying not to buy any books for a while so that I can read down my stash, I also have a couple of books on order through the library.  I’ve decided that it’s time to get back on the audiobook wagon and have decided to start the Anne of Green Gables series, which I’ve never read but always meant to.  And I’ve ordered in a board book to read to Little Man, a new Mo Willems book that I didn’t even know existed.  Soon, there will be books checked out and books read and I’ll also be talking a little bit about what I am reading to LM.  (Right now we are working through Real Mother Goose, which is a book that I give at every baby shower I go to except the last because I snagged my last “for gifting” copy.)

Now, about The Stand.  Wow.  Like, really.  I spent most of the day yesterday plowing through the last 9% of this book because I wanted to move on but it was, yet again, totally worth it.  I love King and I recall liking this book the last time that I read it but this time I turned off my Kindle, took my bookmark out of the paperback, and sat it between Hubby and me on the couch.  “Wow,” I said.  “I think that may be one of my favorite books.”  Hubby replied, “That’s cool.  I don’t need to read a book where you read a book’s worth of pages and you’re not even half through.”  Fair.  However, I didn’t point out that he owns the audio. lol.

I loved the book but I am looking forward to being free of it.  My Kindle is back on my headboard, waiting patiently to be read only at night.  My next book, Leaves of Grass by Whitman, is loaded and I read three or four poems before bed last night.  More importantly, I am hoping that maybe I will quit dreaming about The Walkin’ Dude.  And then I can stop wondering why I only dream of him and not Mother Abigail…

Already half through my next Little Black Classic and I have an interesting week ahead of me.  Wish me luck and may your reading rock as well!


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