Tally Monday- June 12, 2017

Checked Out

  1. Welcome by Mo Willems
  2. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


  1. Strange Magic by Syd Moore


  1. The Athiest’s Mass by Honore de Balzac
  2. Gift from the Sea by Anne Marrow Lindbergh

There now!  Doesn’t that look like a great Tally Monday?  It looks, well, almost back to normal.  Things are still hard and stressful here but some days are easier than others.  Today I feel pretty good.  I worked my ass off yesterday and got a lot of stuff done around the house and checked off my to do list plus I loved on my baby and played a game with Hubby.  Things went smoothly this morning too.  I only wish that I had taken more time for morning cuddles with Little Dude and the cats.  Still, most of my chores are done and I even fooled around on the banjo.  Today is an easier day.

Thursday was a hard day.  One of my cousins posted a news story that pretty much made me a fucking emotional wreck for my whole late shift.  I wanted LD.  Worse, hubby was home with him and LD was giving him a hard time.  I wanted to be there to fix it but I couldn’t.  At work I was feeling like I would cry at any second and after hours of that, I bought a book.  Ha!  That’s right!  I bought a book to make myself feel better even though I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to buy a book.  In all fairness, I have been really wanting Strange Magic since I read a review of it three months before it was publish AND I got it for $1.99 on Kindle.  I don’t know if it made me feel better but I like to pretend that it did.

This week, I had the awkward experience of reading The Athiest’s Mass while at a middle school.  I live and work in pretty conservative areas so I was trying to hide the title of the book the whole time with like one hand.  I don’t think that anybody would have said anything but I just had this anxiety that someone would and then I would have to explain that I have a rigid reading program an this was just the next Little Black Classic I had to read.  Anyway, there was not much that they would have been able to find to complain about in the actual story but the people who are apt to complain about a title are not apt to read the damn book.  It was good.  I had never read any Balzac (Ballsack!  Ah!  I can’t help myself!) but it was good.  The LBC consists of two short stories and they both were just great, even heart rending!  (Is that the right phase?  I don’t know.)

The second book that I read this week was Gift from the Sea by Anne Marrow LIndbergh.  I bought this book used in paperback like a month ago because I was reading A Room of Her Own: Women’s Personal Spaces for, like, the third time and noticed this book was quoted a few times.  I seem to be developing this personal collection of books about womanhood that I write in.  I recently did this with When Women Were Birds and it was a super rewarding experience.  The same thing here.  Lindbergh wrote this short series of essays while she was vacationing on the beach for two weeks.  She spent this time contemplating her jam-packed real life and trying to understand how women can get a better balance in their lives.  And if that isn’t something that I’ve always struggled with, I’m sure as hell struggling with it now.  Expect a review on this one shortly.

Up next:  the LBC version of Yellow Wallpaper, catching up on my One Stories, and then The Blue Jay’s Dance by Louise Erdrich.


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