Podcast Tuesday- June 13, 2017

Podcasts Downloaded: 978

It looks like I made big headway in my listening this week but don’t be fooled!  What I actually did was unsubscribe from The Archers, a daily UK podcast that is supposedly something like a soap.  I never actually listened to The Archers but I started following it back in the winter and planned to get around to it eventually.  The problem was that eventually is still sometime in the future and in the meantime I have TONS to listen to and I can’t see a point in downloading episodes every day for something that I’m not going to listen to for a very long time.

I needed to trim some fat.

Last week I got into a couple of podcasts about well being.  I listened to some On Mindfulness and an episode of Zestology.  It had an effect on me.  I found myself wanting to be healthier and happier and just better all around.  On Mindfulness is interesting.  I’m not sure if I like it or not but I can’t seem to turn it off.  I’m not sure if I take anything away from it but I can’t seem to help listening.  Then there’s Zestology.  I ran across the host, Tony Wrighton, on a blog months ago and added his podcast.  I can’t say that it’s terribly useful for me.  I’m not going to long distance, or even short distance for that matter, run in the future and I probably won’t do bone broth shots anytime soon but just listening to people talk about being healthy made me want to be healthy.

And now, here I am, trying to get a handle on my eating and trying to get my steps in, tracking my food and tracking my activity.

But, you know, listening to podcasts really adds to the environment of our lives.  I feel like even if I am not taking in all of the advice on these kinds of shows, I am soaking in the healthful sounds and being a healthier person…  It’s almost like watching someone else exercise.


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