Podcast Tuesday- August 15, 2017

Podcasts: 1121

Welcome to Podcast Tuesday, where the numbers only rise.

I’ve added a couple of casts to my roster.  Becoming Wise and Get Your SH*T Together.  I have listened to neither yet but Becoming Wise is a short pod released by On Being so I suspect that I’ll like it.

I was really proud of myself this past week because I listened a lot.  Alas, it has made very little dent in my backlog.  I think that I just subscribe to too many Podcasts.  I can’t help it though!  There’s so much out there and I treat them quite like books.  There’s one for everything that I think I want to learn about.  This week I read something about Teddy Roosevelt and I was like, “Hey!  I should listen to the Presidential podcast!”  But I can’t bring my little OCD heart to start in the middle and, anyway, I’m still catching up on On Being.

When LD (Little Dude) was born, I simplified my reading life and it feels good to have a simplified reading life.  Stephen King, book, book, YA.  I should never really know what I am reading more than one book ahead.  For instance,  I am reading Night Circus right now (book 1) and I know that my next book is Rules of Engagement but I can’t choose my YA until I finish book 1.  It’s very freeing, actually.  I can read something that I’m dying to read relatively soon.  But I have nothing like this for Podcasts.

Sure, sure.  I could come up with something.  And I AM thinking about it.  I am thinking that maybe I will listen to an audio and then catch up on a Podcast, the whole thing!  At this moment I have about 48 hours of On Being stocked up.  That’s two whole days!  Hubby had a subscription to Audible and for a while he would only buy “long” audiobooks. I just asked him what he defined as a long audiobook and he said about 25 hours.  And I have one podcast with 267 episodes saved up!

To put it into perspective, I am currently listening to the Anne of Green Gables series and they run about 8 hours a piece.  It takes me two weeks to get through one in the car because I talk to my mom on the phone every day either to or from work.  Two weeks for 8 hours!  That means I would be listening to On Being for.. hold on… math… 6 weeks!  Now, it would be less time because I listen at home but still…  That’s a lot.

And I do like On Being.  I was skeptical at first because the first one I listened to was a discussion with a physicist on science and beauty and I was drinking a nice Michigan beer and thinking, “Okay.  Whatever.”  But I do like it.  Discussions about poetry and religion and information and mourning and mindfulness.  It’s kind of great.

I’m not calling my listening life a curse, though.  I’ll NEVER run out of things to listen to.  Even if there is a nuclear war, as long as I have a power source…  I’m counting on Canada for that one.


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