I have a problem.

Here’s where I am at present:

This morning, when I was leaving the house, I left with a stack of books.  Now, part of this was that I had a book to return (that I actually can’t remember why I even wanted to read it in the first place) and I also didn’t get to do my morning readings but knew that I would have time in the car.  So, I carried my morning stuff (Q&A Journal, Simple Abundance, and my old journal), the book I was returning, and my work bag (currently holding The Graphic Canon, vol 2, Empowered Mama, The Feminine Mystique, Road to Riverdale, AND Stalking God).  And then I went back for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

You guys.  I need to just commit.  I need to just sit down and read a damn book until it’s done.

At work, I was feeling squirrely and unsettled and I was thinking it might have to do with these books.  Plus, I am like so damn close to finishing my audiobook right now!  Then, our adult librarian called me over and offered to let me listen to an audio that hasn’t been processed yet of a book that I AM FREAKING PSYCHED FOR.

And now I am dying and bursting at the seams and soon books are going to explode out of me like candy from a pinata.

Stop, drop, and read.  That’s what I need.


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