You Do You by Sarah Knight

This is Knight’s third No F*cks Given Guide.  Honestly, I think that this is my favorite.

In The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, she introduced us to the idea of mental decluttering.  This is a term she uses for the theory of appropriately handing out your f*cks.  For example, this means not going to a baby shower (but sending a gift because we are not assholes) in favor of doing something that you want to do.  (This one stuck with me.  I don’t remember who was at any of my showers and I absolutely hate going to showers so it makes sense to me.  I also ask people not to write me thank you notes because hell is writing thank you notes.)

In Get Your Sh*t Together, she helps to “cut through the bullshit cycle of self-sabotage.”  I expected to like to book a lot because my most googled query is “how to get my shit together.”  It was full of simple, useful ideas that were probably great for someone who doesn’t google this subject quite so frequently.

Now, You Do You was about mental redecorating.  I am kind of in a place in my life where I need this sort of thing and this book was like a little cheerleader for a couple of weeks, riding along in my bag and shouting, “Yeah!  You’re awesome!  Let that freak flag fly!”  everybody needs to hear that there is nothing wrong with them once in a while, even if I actually suspect that there is something wrong with all of us.  We need the confidence booster to remind us that not fitting into the mold doesn’t mean we’re broken.  Knight covers the social contract and why breaking it makes people uncomfortable but also why it should be done.  She covers things that we’re told not to do, things we’re told that we’ll regret, even body issues.  It’s kind of nice.

Above all she reminds us, “If you’re not doing you, you’re screwing you.”  And that’s the kind of tidbit I like to write in my journal so that I don’t forget.


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