Tally Monday- June 25, 2018

Checked Out

  1. Neuromancer by William Gibson
  2. Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by Dan Harris
  3. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green
  4. The Customer is Always Wrong by Mimi Pond


  1. Floating Dragon by Peter Straub
  2. The Ruins by Scott B. Smith


  1. You Do You by Sarah Knight
  2. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  3. Archie, vol 5 by Mark Waid

Reading Once Upon a Tower by Eloisa James, A Natural History of the Senses by Diane Ackerman, The Dead Zone by Stephen King, The Customer is Always WrongThe Best Loved Poems of the American PeopleChicken Soup for the SoulSimple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, and Empowered Mama by Lisa Druxman

Summer TBR 13

Basically, I’m of two minds at present.  Part of me is ready to cut the shit.  That part thinks that it’s time to stop requesting books, time to get back on the reading plan, time to maybe cut back on how many different things I’m reading at once, and time to dig into my own shelves and stop buying books in the interest of cleaning some books out of my office.

And the other part of me?  It’s like, “Fuck that!  Read all of the books!  Check out more comics!  Order that new book you don’t have time for!  Start making even the simple parts of your reading life hella more complicated!”  I make this part of me sound a bit more manic than the other part, but this is the part of me that truly believes slow and steady wins the race and that a little bit goes a long way.

In the mean time, with this war going on, I tried an experiment yesterday.  I stacked up some books and planned on doing nothing but hanging out with the baby and reading.  I’d play with him when he wanted attention but otherwise let him cause chaos around the house.  I wouldn’t give myself busy work or clean the house or do the “chores” that I think need to be done even though they really don’t and I’m just a little crazy.  At the end of the day, I had read a couple chapters of Once Upon a Tower, gotten in my 10 pages of A Natural History of the Senses, and finished Archie, vol 5.  I planned on finishing The Old Man and the Sea, which I started months ago, but the bookmark was mysteriously gone and I didn’t want to figure out where I had left off.  It wasn’t nearly as much reading as I had hoped for.  I also learned that letting the baby run wild in the morning made for a very, very messy house in the afternoon.

I feel a real need to get reading right now.  I want to tear through some of these library books and I want to push through some Stephen King.  I want to read a great southern story and I want to read about the desert.  I want to lay in a hammock or sit under my tree.  Summer is indeed here and so you’ll notice that the TBR is back.  This is to hold myself accountable for a bit, until I can get things back under control.

I hope your week includes a hammock and a great summer read!