Tally Monday- The “Well Crap” Edition

Checked Out

  1. Everything is Eventual by Stephen King
  2. Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
  3. Just After Sunset by Stephen King


None!  Surprising, because I looked.


  1. Giant Days, vol 7 by John Allison
  2. “Dear Jamie, Love Rory” by Micaiah Saldana
  3. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Reading Jay’s JournalMore Hours in My DayDeep in the ValleyNeuromancer, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King, Simple Abundance, and Empowered Mama

First, some excuses.  I didn’t blog last Monday because Hubby and I were on vacation.  We went down to Gatlinburg for the week, leaving Little Dude with his grandma.  It was our five year wedding anniversary and we had gone there for our honeymoon.  It was nice.  We spent some time in the mountains and some time kicking around town.  We played games and drank and ate.  We slept in.  I didn’t even take my laptop.  I told myself that I needed to spend a week away from my novel and my agent search and just chill out.

Then I spent yesterday playing catch-up around the house and just didn’t get to it, what with the mounds of laundry and very dirty floors.  It is what it is.

BUT I AM HERE!  And I don’t see myself missing a Monday until possibly October 8.  Staff in-service.

The deadline for my summer reading goal is quickly approaching and I am NOT ready for it.  While I managed to finish 12 out of the 23 books I had planned, and a couple that I hadn’t, I still feel kind of lackluster about it.  I’m pretty sure that I actually have MORE books on my stack now than I did at the beginning of the season.  I wish that I could hold fall off for another week or two but I also can’t wait to set up my next challenge.  Same system:  one season to read my ridiculous stack of books.  And just like always I’m waiting for the fresh start and feeling like I can do it even though I know damn well that I won’t.  *shrug*

My book buying diet is going well, though.  It’s exactly like that.  I don’t know how experienced any of you guys are with dieting but at a certain point it gets almost easy.  The first two or three weeks of behaving is hell but after that you start to feel like you don’t even want that junk anymore.  Or you go to a restaurant and you realize that you have no desire to stuff yourself.  You feel just fine with what you’ve been eating and you don’t want your old favorites.  And so goes my book buying.  The first month was hard but this month, well, I’ve gone to a discount book store and I’ve spent some time looking at the Kindle deals and now that I CAN buy books, I don’t really want to.

This month I am functioning under a simple two out/one in system for check outs.  While on vacation I finished Sharp Objects (phenomenal) and that was my second “out” so I requested Dark Places as my “in”.  I DNFed The Magic of Believing (kind of dry and kind of over it) and when I finish Jay’s Journal I’ll get to order another.

You guys know about Go Ask Alice, right?  When I was growing up we were told that it was a true story and it was, like, THE book to read about teenagers and drugs.  It was scandalous even in the 90’s.  Except, you know, apparently this was mostly debunked in the 1970’s when Beatrice Sparks, the “editor,” couldn’t produce any physical evidence of an actual diary.  Jay’s Journal is billed as the “companion” to Go Ask Alice.  Sparks worked as a youth counselor in the Mormon church and this book is a cautionary tale about SATANISM AND THE OCCULT so obviously I’m in.  I kind of love religious propaganda.  It comes in at 230 pages and should be a quick read but I have to, you know, read it.

This week I expect to spend some time catching up from my vacation and taking care of some things.  It will take me a few days to get on top of it at work but I did make quite the dent at home yesterday.  In the meantime I’m also really wanting to spend some time on the house and trying to convince myself to focus on losing weight.  It’s a lot, but it always is.


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