A Note of Graphic Fridays

So, last month I introduced the idea of Graphic Fridays where I would read a graphic novel and write a little review of it.  I did three and now I’m on my third Friday without a graphic review…

This is not the end.

Indeed, it is just life.

Basically, this has been the run of events:  The first Friday I missed, I started reading The Unwritten but I had a migraine that would go one for six days.  I didn’t finish reading it that day and saved it for the following week…  Which was last week when I was in a wedding on Friday and, thus, was not even thinking about books.  Finally, we have today.  I tried to finish The Unwritten but I don’t really like it so I returned it and moved on to my next comic which is… 400 pages long.

Oi.  Maybe next week, kiddies.

Graphic Friday- Archie, vol. 3

It’s happened.  I’ve become confused.

I read the second volume of Hot Archie back in December and in the meantime, well, a lot has happened.  Besides the fact that my brain is having a hard time accessing details from Before Baby, I’ve also gone and gotten myself addicted to Riverdale and in the past two weeks have watched eight episodes.  (It’s hard fitting in binges right now but I’m doing my best, dammit.)

So, it took a little adjusting but I eventually managed to get back into the groove.

Look, I have always been an Archie fan.  I used to pick up the occasional comic at the grocery store.  I was a fan of the Prom digest every year.  I know that The Archies are credited with the song “Sugar, Sugar.”  I recognize most of the characters, though I did have to look a few up for Riverdale watching purposes.  What I’m saying is that I am biased.  I am going to be here for all of the new Archie.  I may not read the new Jughead  (I didn’t like it.)  but I am IN for the new Archie.

In this volume, we find Veronica shipped off to boarding school in Switzerland where she meets her nemesis, Cheryl Blossom.  When the two wage war on one another and Veronica gets the upper hand, Cherly manages to weasel her way to Riverdale where she sets her sights on Archie as the ultimate revenge.  While Archie and Betty are both dealing with their broken hearts, Veronica is frantically trying to get back home before it’s too late.  Good old fashion fun!

Giant Days vol 5 by John Allison

Welcome to Graphics Friday, when I read a comic book if I have time and then I tell you all about it.  Today is a special Graphics Friday.  It’s my birthday!  So, of course I had time to read a comic today.  I MADE time for a comic today.  I realized last night that I had missed the newest Giant Days while I was on maternity leave and I got really excited because I knew exactly what I wanted to read today!

And, do you know, I love these damn comics.

In this fourth volume, even more hijinks ensue!  Esther finds herself in a financial pinch.  Daisy ends up hosting a tour of the college for an unruly-ish group of incoming students.  Susan tries dating.  Plus there is movie making and house hunting and lovers scorned and friends betrayed.  Top all of that off with a clever use of the phrase “Bechdel test” and a character with a Stryper tattoo.

Also, I’m in love with McGraw.