NaNoWriMo 2015

Last year I wrote in my journal about how I didn’t know that I benefited any from doing NaNoWriMo anymore.  I said that I was writing almost every day anyway and that I was breaking from the actual novel I was working on (WTF one was that??) to write something not related.  I wrote about how I made myself crazy with it and I never partook in any of the social events and it was just something I did out of habit.

I took more from it this year.

First, instead of taking a long break before going into November, I took a short one and I pushed my word count up from 1000 to 1500 words per day.  It made the writing I did this month seem like a normal amount.  When I took a day off, the catch up was a little rough but it didn’t fry my brain.  Now the writing just feels normal.  I enjoyed it.  I can’t wait to write.  (Which is good because my other novel was getting to another stand still.)

Second, I wrote in my home office more.  At least one day a week, and usually three, I sat down at my actual desk and shut the door and wrote.  I made a pot of tea.  I enjoyed the environment I created.  It got to the point where I would sit down and know that it was time to write and I did.

The third thing I took from it was kind of a surprise.  I am not a prewriter.  This year I took to making character lists so that I didn’t have to look back for exact names while I was writing.  Other than that, notta.  Last Sunday, spending 7 hours in a D and D game, I jotted down what needed to happen from where I was to the end of the book.  This week has been the easiest writing I’ve done in a long time.  I plan to do more of this outlining stuff and can even see how it will work in my big novel which I might just start over so I can fix it.

Fourth, and final, I feel pretty confident about my writing.  It’s been a long time since I felt like I was just putting words down and they were fine.  Another contribution to my enjoyment of writing.

I am growing, all of the time.  And tomorrow I cross the finish line!


NaNoWriMo 2013 Rap-Up, December Start Up

Well, I did it.  I wrote 50k words in a month.

I’m not as excited as I thought I would be.

Oh, you know, some of it is that I’m on an emotional rollercoaster.  Some of it is that I’ve done this a number of times before.  It has kind of lost it’s excitement.  I’ve done NaNo for about 8 years now and I have won 50% of the time.  The only difference is that this year I came out of it with a novel that… wasn’t finished.  I’m kind of excited about that because that means I may actually be writing a NOVEL length novel!

I’m glad it’s December though.  I’m happy to cut my words back a little and have time for something else.  I gave myself a free day today and I’ve played some catch up and cleaned the house and done the laundry.  I’m at a great starting place and I’m about to head into some Guilt Free Gaming.  Now I just need to decide if I should live all of December like this or give myself some crazy challenge, like organizing the whole house.

NaNoWriMo: You’re Doing it Wrong

For me it starts in July.

In July I usually come up with some stellar idea for my next writing project even though I am in the middle of writing a novel and don’t need to start another one.  I let the new story knock around in my head like a poltergeist for a while.  I jot down some notes.  I try to forget it.  But in the process of forgetting it, my mind only wanders back to it again and again.  I restrain myself from thinking too far ahead.  I don’t want to be sick of it by the time I get to it.  I decide that it would be great for November.  My mind goes back to the same scene, over and over.

(This year the scene was of a beautiful young dark haired girl succumbing to a gorgeous, blonde female vampire in a dreary old swamp.  Again and again.  Who were these people?  Why had this woman chosen this girl?)

In October, I make a point to rush to finish what I am working on and think about any prep work that I may need for NaNoWriMo.  This year I was going for historic fiction, something I’ve never written, for a time period that I am only slightly knowledgeable about.  The years leading up to the Revolutionary War.  I printed articles on anything that I thought I might need.  The colonies.  Loyalists.  Governors.  Politics.  Women in colonial times.  I read the articles and highlighted them.  In November.  Because I fell behind in October and was not willing to give up on my to do list.

So, I spent last week catching up on October stuff, including reading about my novel instead of writing it.

Now I am just over 11k behind.

I don’t want to give up.  I want to work hard of getting back on track with everything.  The problem is that I forgot that it was hard to keep up with this pace of writing.

I’m screwed.