A Follow Up

Hey, do you guys remember Monday?  I know, I know.  It probably feels like forever ago.  I mean, I know that my life has been eventful since then.  In that one day sandwiched between Monday and Wednesday (Tuesday, if you’re following along) I completely lost my voice, went to the doctor, was diagnosed with bronchitis, and also had, like, a pretty great day for being sick.  What did I do with my day?  Well, I made myself rest!  I took my chair out under my tree and read.  I laid in bed and read.  I took a nap and read.  I read.  I read a lot.

And so, I was just writing to let you know that I have solved my problem.

As of Monday night, I decided to go back to my complicated reading system from the beginning of the year.  Currently:

Book I’m Reading: The Customer is Always Wrong by Mimi Pond
Nonfiction Book: The magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol
Poetry Book: The Best Loved Poems of the American People
EBook: The Arabian Nights
Audiobook: The Dead Zone by Stephen King, and then back to my series
Inspirations: Simple Abundance and Chicken Soup for the Soul daily, Empowered Mama monthly.

Yes, it’s spread out and tangly and all of that but, you know what?  Just making the decision and getting back to it has made me feel way super better.

Also, I have a review coming for you today!


The Waffle Iron Story

I haven’t been living my best life.

See, I’ve had this birthday money for a couple of weeks now and it’s just been floating around in my purse while I decided what to do with it.  Of course, that means that it was slowly whittling away.  I used it when I went to Salvation Army on my birthday.  I used it to buy some stuff for my bonfire.  I even used it to buy pizza for Hubby’s Father’s Day dinner.  I had halved it and I was officially doing my best to ignore it.

Sunday night, I was laying awake, looking at the ceiling, and I realized that I could use a little bit of that money to make a big difference in my life.  You could even say that it would be fulfilling a lifelong dream…  Excited, I got up in the morning with some pep in my step, regardless of my shitty sleep.  I got ready and left for work early.  I went to Meijer.

And I bought a waffle iron.

Okay?  So, what’s the big deal with a waffle iron?  When I was still living at home but was starting to cook a little bit more, I wanted a waffle iron but my mother, who is not a big fan of kitchen gadgets or unnecessary clutter, told me I didn’t need one.  When I moved out and moved in with my ex, I wanted a waffle iron but my ex, who loved meat and relied mostly on a rotisserie and an electric skillet, told me that I didn’t need one.  In my own house there is barely any space in the kitchen, so when my husband told me I didn’t need a waffle iron this time I agreed mostly because I didn’t want to find a place to store it.  Then last week I came across a recipe that needed a waffle iron and yet again was struck with a longing and this time I made the decision to just do it.

$20 and suddenly my world is full of possibilities.  Not just waffles, but toasted sandwiches and potato cakes and toasted raviolis.  Not just a waffle iron but all of those other things I keep telling myself I don’t need or can’t have.  What if that thing that I’ve been dreaming about IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE.  Yes, this is a side effect of all of these self-help books but it is literally a life changer for me.

Another thing:  A few months ago I was confronted with the assertion that the universe is like a catalog.  Anything you can think of, you can ask for it.  Even as my attitude was changing and improving and my happiness was growing, I was laid low by the idea that I no longer had any dreams.  You know, my head space was the day to day.  I was in the game of getting up, going through the morning grind, dropping the baby off, working, picking the baby up, making food happen, and then trying to get the house together for the next day.  I wasn’t unhappy.  I was completely indifferent.  I was just struggling to get things done.

But I’ve been learning that abundance breeds abundance.  The more that I have practiced dreaming, the more dreams I have.  The more that I have taken the time to notice the beauty in the world, the more beautiful things seem to happen.  The more I spend time loving the people in my life, the more love I have to give.  And, yeah, I sound like a total pukey woo-woo self-help dirty hippie, but I don’t even care.

A waffle iron is just the beginning.

A Quick Update

Hey All!

I fully intended to get out my usual Tally Monday this week but I went on vacation and decided not to take my laptop at the last minute.  I could have done it from my phone but I hate that so I decided to have a combined TM next week.

Vacation also got me thinking a lot about what I want out of life, through no particular fault of its own.  So often I feel like I am running in circles.  So often I feel overwhelmed.  I miss having coffee on the back deck and I miss just sitting and being quiet.  I know that there are a lot of things outside of my control right now, especially with a baby in tow, but I know that I have to make some changes in my life.

I need to get rid of stuff and make my house more livable.

I need to stop ordering books through the library.

I need to cut back on my Podcast subscriptions.  (I’m up to 62)

I need to start budgeting.

I need to stop spending so much time on busy work and get back to the things that are important to me and ACTUALLY ENJOY THEM:  My family, my friends, my cats, books and board games and records.

I need to sprinkle my days and weeks with simple pleasures.

And I need to start right now.  Today.

I can’t wait to TM with you all next week!

I have a problem.

Here’s where I am at present:

This morning, when I was leaving the house, I left with a stack of books.  Now, part of this was that I had a book to return (that I actually can’t remember why I even wanted to read it in the first place) and I also didn’t get to do my morning readings but knew that I would have time in the car.  So, I carried my morning stuff (Q&A Journal, Simple Abundance, and my old journal), the book I was returning, and my work bag (currently holding The Graphic Canon, vol 2, Empowered Mama, The Feminine Mystique, Road to Riverdale, AND Stalking God).  And then I went back for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

You guys.  I need to just commit.  I need to just sit down and read a damn book until it’s done.

At work, I was feeling squirrely and unsettled and I was thinking it might have to do with these books.  Plus, I am like so damn close to finishing my audiobook right now!  Then, our adult librarian called me over and offered to let me listen to an audio that hasn’t been processed yet of a book that I AM FREAKING PSYCHED FOR.

And now I am dying and bursting at the seams and soon books are going to explode out of me like candy from a pinata.

Stop, drop, and read.  That’s what I need.

A Barrage of Reviews

So, last week I was forced to push my way through some books.  The problem is that while I was reading I was a little too brain dead to review.  It was more important to me to keep on pushing through those books and get them done in time for the Battle of the Books, which is tonight!  I did it, dear reader, and now it’s time for me to catch up on this other little bit of paperwork.  For the next few days, I will be posting book reviews to catch up.  I make no promise on quality but I do intend to set one to post each day until I am caught up, excluding Monday when I’ll do my usual weekly post.

How is my reading this week?  Eh.  Tuesday night Hubby went to bed early and I stayed up with a big cup of chamomile tea and finished the book I was reading and a short story.  I didn’t start my next book until this morning and only managed a couple of pages.  Honestly, Battle of the Books feels like a big hill I’m cresting and now I’m going to shoot right down the opposite side and blast you with a bunch of self help/spiritual book reviews.  (Seriously.  My next three books are The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes, Basic Witches by Jayla Sexana, and Stalking God by Anjali Kumar.)

Get ready for some reviews!

Resolutions, 2018

I am a lover of resolutions and I am a lover of fresh starts.  That’s why Mondays are my favorite day of the week and New Years in my second favorite time of the year.

Last year, I didn’t talk about my resolutions.  I don’t know why.  It’s been a source of frustration to me because I have actually tried to look them up a number of times this year and haven’t been able to find them.  So I wanted to make sure to talk about 2018’s resolutions.

First, I chose a word for 2018, which I hear is a trendy thing to do.  My word is “less.”  I toyed with a lot of other ideas but this was the one that stuck out to me because it is simple and perfect.  I was less.  Less clutter.  Less stress.  Less weight.  Less noise.  Less junk.  Less.

When it comes to actual resolutions, I generally make 3 to 5.  One year I made 52 small resolutions (one small change for each week) and it flopped pretty fast.  Generally, I go with three: one for mind, one for body, and one for soul.  But, tbh, 5 is my go to number for things so this year I chose 5.

  1. Get down to 150 lbs.  (Amount to lose: TBD.  I’ll weigh in on Monday.)  I had a baby this year, guys, and honestly pregnancy made me skinnier.  I can tell that I am carrying a lot more weight than I need to and that I basically dump garbage in my mouth.  I am physically weak, too.  I can barely carry LD in the car seat!  So this year I am going to eat better, eat out less, move more, and tone up.  Let’s face it.  I know how to do this.  I just need to do it.
  2. Organize!  Ditch the shit, put the shit away, and finish the home improvement shit.  I have a tendency to hold on to things even though they no longer bring me joy, if we’re being Kondo about it.  I’ve already started purging my bedroom, getting rid of things that will never fit again or are ratty or I just never wear.  I figure that getting rid of stuff is a good way to attract new stuff and also make life easier.  Less shit means it will be easier to put it all somewhere and not be tripping over it constantly.  Also, I have a bunch of little projects to do/complete around the house (like that bathroom that was started a year and a half ago or my sink that’s been leaking for months).  I just want to get my house in order because I know that it will make everything way easier.
  3. Master the monies!  Real talk.  I have been FUCKING TERRIBLE for the past couple of months.  Like, my plastic has been out waaaaay too much.  I budget but then I overspend and then I say, “Oh well!  Capital One’s got this!”  I’m going back on the David Ramsey 9 step plan starting with today’s check.  I topped off my emergency fun and now it’s time to pay off that credit card.  I am going to focus a lot on spending less on food and drink in the next year, as those are my big expenses, and looking into better costing services.
  4. Get out more.  Spend more time with friends and family.  I have been terrible about this too.  Honestly, work is enough time out of the house for me AND it’s much harder with a baby.  But I don’t want to shy away from so much this year.  I want to go to my friends’ houses and I want to hang out with my mom and I also want to take LD places, get him used to going so that he can see amazing things.
  5. Cultivate joy.  I may not know A LOT of new moms but the ones that I DO know seem to suffer from this same problem.  Working and mothering and wifing and housekeeping and all of the million little things that we need to do?  They tend to pile up and before we know it we haven’t had time to fill out cups with joy and, even worse, it’s easy to forget what you actually ENJOY doing.  Even if you do know, it starts to feel like more hassle than it’s worth.  Well, no more for this woman!  I am going to meditate and read and write and make time to create stuff and color and play games and listen to music and alllllllll of that stuff.  I am going to read to my baby and snuggle my cars and probably drive Hubby bonkers.  Because what is the point of all of this living if you just feel like shit all of the time?

So, less.  Less sitting, less junk food, less spending, less procrastinating, less excuses.  A year of less.

In which I confess to having a TBR

Basically, it happened.  I got piled up with all of the stuff I have to read for work and all of the stuff that I want to read and I went a little haywire.  There are things that I have to get through and things piling up and my brain made me make a list.  It’s meant to cover everything back to getting on track.  And so….

Main Reading

  • Sleeping Beauties
  • short story
  • Tina’s Mouth
  • short story
  • The Lost Hero
  • short story
  • Flora and Ulysses
  • short stori
  • A Mango Shaped Space
  • short story
  • Homeless Bird
  • short story
  • Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World
  • Road to Riverdale
  • Crooked Spur
  • Riverdale Digest 1
  • The Old Man and the Sea
  • Riverdale Digest 2
  • The Reef
  • Riverdale Digest 3
  • Neuromancer
  • Riverdale Digest 4
  • Turtles All the Way Down
  • Riverdale Digest 5


  • Edith Wharton
  • Writers Gone Wild
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
  • A Room of One’s Own
  • The Feminine Mystique
  • Food and Loathing


  • Weary Blues
  • The Best Love Poems of the American People
  • Plainwater


  • Blankets
  • The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt
  • Missed Connections

Audiobook Series

  • Gallagher Girls
  • Redwell